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Bridging The Digital Divide

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world in early 2020 and students were sent home and expected to do their school work online, we realised that our local community faced a digital divide.

Many students were trying to do school work on mobile phones and many more simply had no access to the internet. Some Logan teachers estimated that up to 80% of their students had no access to the internet and therefore faced a significant disadvantage.

Instead of scrapping the computers that came through our doors we started testing, refurbishing and loading them with everything a student requires to do their work. Over 4000 desktop computers are now back in the community and the work is ongoing. Because of this initiative, Substation33 has been thrilled to connect and partner with other like-minded organisations and charities.


LiteHaus International 

We are proud to be able to support LiteHaus International in their goal of "a digitally literate global society" across developing countries in the south Asia-Pacific areas.

ACS (Australian Computer Society) 

Together with ACS, Substation33 has received funding from Skilling Queenslanders for Work so unemployed youth recieve formal training while learning to refurbish computers and deliver them to students in need. The initiative is called the “See I.T. Be I.T. Traineeship”. The trainees receive
individually tailored support and training in the real workplace environment of Substation33.

ACS Queensland, QATSIF and Substation33 See IT Be IT Campaign – Connecting First Nations children with laptops in Queensland | Member Insights | ACS

QATSIF (Qld Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation)

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