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Being willing to give things a go pays off for James

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

James first came to Substation33 as a Work for the Dole participant. He was struggling to find work and wasn’t even sure what type of work to look for.

James came with an attitude to learn and help where he could and in a short time became someone we could count on. James was given responsibility to manage the modifications of bins to be used in our Containers for Change initiative and he gradually took on more responsibility around the logistics and administration of that project.

After some time, we were able to employ James and he has continued to be a reliable master of logistical management around pick-ups, deliveries and all other requirements surrounding our Containers for Change partnership with COEX. He also helps out with our Flooded Road Smart Warning Systems installations and Waste Audits as required. He has travelled to Sydney and Perth as part of his employment with us and seen parts of Brisbane and Logan he didn’t know existed. He has become a trusted member of the Substation33 team.

James would not have achieved this job security and learned so many new skills if he had not been willing to immerse himself in the Substation33 experience, which starts for almost everyone via deconstructing e-waste. James is proof that if you keep showing up with a great attitude and willingness to ‘muck in’ and help where required, you will experience benefits beyond what you might expect.


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