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AMPLFY bluetooth portable speakers

AMPLFY is a revolutionary online platform, designed to disrupt the traditional business of buying and selling portable speakers. We want to educate people to become creators, tinkerers and innovators so that they now become the disrupters.

All of our speakers are assembled and distributed here at Substation 33, a social enterprise that specializes in training and up-skilling workers looking for employment. Therefore for every speaker/kit purchased, you are directly contributing to the wealth and wellbeing of people struggling to earn an income. 

We provide the kit and the instructions for people to learn how to build their own speakers for the purpose they desire. Our kits and instructions are designed to allow you to be as creative as possible. We want to bring back the age of handcrafted and bespoke goods, and empower as many people as possible to become the creators. In doing so, we believe we can create a market of amazing portable and unique speakers, currently not being offered by the market.

We want to give people the opportunity to become micro-entrepreneurs and use our platform to sell their unique and high-quality portable Bluetooth speakers. In doing so, we are disrupting the traditional methods of capitalism, and large electronic corporations and redistributing the wealth towards the people who truly deserve it; the people who created the speakers.

In order to reduce our environmental impact, each speaker/kit is assembled using up-cycled and new components.

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