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The PowerWells Team


Attracted to the maker space vibe of Substation33, Brad found himself spending time building and tinkering with some projects that interested him.


One of those projects developed into Amplfy. After a Start Up Weekend event Brad became the co-founder of PowerWells and he now spends most of his time working out of Substation33 where together we further develop the PowerWells technology.

In his spare time Brad can often still be found at Substation33 (!) or playing golf.


Nick first came to Substation33 via a Start Up Weekend event, where he met and then began working with Brad to co-found PowerWells.


Nick's background is in town planning and he initially juggled a Master of Philosophy while working on PowerWells.


Since finishing his thesis Nick is working full-time with PowerWells and spends most of his time working out of Substation33.

Outside of Substation33 and PowerWells work, Nick is the Head of Queensland Young Planners and he enjoys reading and exercising.

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