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Something wonderful happens when you have a shed full of deconstructed e-waste ... people start to get amazing ideas about how to repurpose it! Substation33 has a team of technical specialists who develop and commercialise innovative products and services.

Our unique environment attracts highly skilled people in the form of volunteers, retirees, business professionals and academics. They pass on their decades of accumulated knowledge to the emerging generations and help Substation33 and its partners grow to the next level.

We have an innovation, prototyping and co-working space with a core purpose of commercialising products developed from our Lithium-ion battery upcycling project. We also facilitate community workshops, hackathons and start up weekends.

If you have an idea that needs a bit of technical expertise to bring it to life, run your idea by us. If we can collaborate on your project, we will. We are proud to have helped the following Innovative designs come to life:

  • Phone Charging Stations

  • E-bikes

  • Therapy Trike

  • Ridezoid

  • Solar Trailer

  • 4Voices Van Solar Power System

  • PowerWells

  • SmartBuoy

  • Flooded Road Signs

  • Depth Sensor

  • Amplify

  • Tackle Boxes

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