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The Canstation Team


For people like Nick, having a large SPER (State Penalties Enforcement Registry) debt was like dragging a ball and chain around.

When Nick found out about Substation33, and that volunteering with us can count towards paying off a SPER debt, he jumped at the chance and threw himself into doing as many hours as possible.

Nick ended up gaining a lot more than he expected out of the experience. He learned new skills while putting his old skills to good use, found new confidence, made new friends, and landed a job in Substation33’s new container processing facility. (Canstation)


Laurens journey started at Substation33 helping out with the very early days of our Containers for change project

As the project Lauren has become one of our key people at the Myer Centre  Containers drop off point.

She has been around since the begnining of our partnership with Containers for change.

In that time she has helped in all sorts of roles, including the sorting proecess at Canstation itsefl.


Ricky has a long and storied history as a roady. Audio equipment, soundstages and cables fill his dreams.

He is currently putting his knowledge of electronics to help with the deployment of flooded road signs.

He needs a bit more of a bio I think :)


Aaron hails from Iran, his background is in software development and e commerce websites.

Aaron is currently helping with the large order of flooded road signs alongside Simon and James.

Soft spoken and amniable, Aaron is a hard worker with alot of I.T knowldege.

He is certainly in a good place to take advantage of his skillset, and we are glad to have him.


Recently crowned as the most ginger member of Substations growing family by no one in particular, James is a practical kind of person and has been instramental in helping us install flooded road signs with Jackson.

He is currently the go to guy when it comes managing our fleet of vehicles for both Substation33 & Canstation.

Aside from that James is also involved in CanStation, helping out whever there is need of him.

He is a funny guy, just ask him.


With a significant SPER debt and struggle to find employment, Andrew came to Substation33 feeling dejected and disenfranchised.

Within a short time, Andrew found the meaningful work he was doing at Substation33 helped to improve his mood and connection to others, and it also allowed him to begin to understand that he had valuable contributions to make in the workspace.

Andrew was able to pay off his SPER debt and secure a casual position with us and he has quickly become a loved member of the Substation33 crew.


Not Consuelo

Consuelo is another person hailing from iran.

She helps out with cleaning at substation33, when you consider how messy stuff can get here she does an amazing job.

Every now and then she will cook amazing food for everyone, we are pretty serious, she is a great cook and kind soul

Wrong person! lol


Ang is a long time volunteer at substation33, she worked with Simon on flooded road projects.

When Substation33 partnered with Containers for Change there was a new opportunity for Ang.

She is now one of the collection staff at the Myer Centre containers for change drop off point located in the CBD.

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