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15 years at YFS for Tony Sharp

Last week, Tony reached an important milestone, celebrating 15 years of service at YFS, the parent organisation to Substation33. YFS is a community services organisation based in Logan to give a helping hand to people who are struggling. They know everyone needs secure housing, a decent income and safe relationships, and they also understand the importance of skills, connections and hope. With this mission in mind, Substation33 was founded thirteen years ago and has been helping the people of Logan, young and old alike, find a safe space to learn, grow and become self-sufficient. Tony not only raises awareness of the ethical disposal and reuse of e-waste but also works with his passionate staff to bring projects like the Flooded Road Early Warning System to life. We wanted to let Tony know what a difference he has made to the lives of so many people in Logan and beyond, so we organised a sneaky gathering to celebrate his 15-year milestone. Special guests and co-workers from past and present congratulated Tony and let him know that all his hard work makes a difference. Thanks for all your hard yakka mate, from all of us at Substation33.


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