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Adam's Story

Today is an interesting day, as I am posting about my own good news story. My name is Adam and I maintain the website at Substation33, along with helping out with design for both print and social media. I am a bit older than the usual people you see in our social posts as I am in my 40’s.

The story of how I got to where I am today is a long winding road. I have a lot of experience as a creative, but fell out of the industry due to a series of unfortunate events- I was made redundant, experienced a family tragedy, and then came off my bike and nearly lost the use of my right arm. After four operations, I ended up dependent on pain medication and was lost and out of work for nearly eight years.

During this period I also discovered that I am on the autism spectrum and was very good at hiding it apparently. All of these events amounted to a very big obstacle to finding work. I did not know how to reconnect to my skills or even if they were relevant anymore.

My plan was to volunteer, and a consultant at Autism Queensland suggested Substation33 to me. I had a tour and decided to volunteer two days a week. My skills were noticed relatively early on, and I started working on a remake for the Substation33 website. Getting the site transferred and redesigned took about two months of part time work. Shortly after the deployment of the website I noticed we needed some extra hands, and so did Substation33.

I got a part time position and have been here nearly 2 years now. Self-doubt is a powerful thing, and after many years of doubt sometimes it takes the perspective of others to bring you back to reality. You might not think much of your skill set, but find the right workspace and you can find out that not only are you actually good at something, but can actually thrive. If I chose to do so, I feel fully equipped to enter the workforce outside of here. My confidence is back and I know my worth and I can thank Substation33 for helping me find it.

So if anyone is thinking about coming along to Substation33 I totally recommend you follow through. I might make a good news post about you one day!

P.S It is not easy writing about yourself!


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