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Andrew steps up for Substation33

With a significant SPER debt and struggle to find employment, Andrew came to Substation33 feeling dejected and disenfranchised. Within a short time, Andrew found the meaningful work he was doing at Substation33 helped to improve his mood and connection to others, and it also allowed him to begin to understand that he had valuable contributions to make in the workspace. Andrew was able to pay off his SPER debt and secure a casual position with us and he has quickly become a loved member of the Substation33 crew.

Fast forward to a recent request from one of our partners, Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC), who needed an IT consultant to fill a temporary vacancy. We looked for someone to step up and represent Substation33 and Andrew was willing to give it a go. Today we got word from QIC that Andrew is working above and beyond their expectations. The team there cannot speak highly enough of him – he is 100% dedicated, willing to learn, and extends himself, making him a valuable employee.

What a great representative of the Substation33 brand! Thanks, Andrew, for making us proud.

And that is why we do what we do every single day at Substation33. Qic Ltd Check out Qic's Facebook page.


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