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Cat successfuly trains human at Substation33

Training cats is well known to be a difficult endeavor, but training people is much easier.

Subbie, our resident cat has been working hard training a human employee of Substation33 called Warren. After many training sessions she is finally ready to show the world the remarkable results of her work.

Subbie's method is to pretend to be a human and do human things like 'shaking hands' and 'sitting' when asked. This performance overloads Warren's mental defense against cuteness compelling him to present Subbie with a snack.

This kind of information could turn cat human relations on its head, so don't show this to a cat or you might find yourself in Warren's situation - well trained but snack less!

After her groundbreaking research she celebrated her success in the style to which she is accustomed, by sleeping an awful lot.


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