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See IT Be IT Group 2

Group two of the See IT Be IT trainees have been very busy indeed refurbishing close to 400 laptop and desktop computers for a wide selection of charities and organisations such as LiteHaus International, Youth Enterpise Trust, and Mapel Park State Highschool. They have also been involved with an extensive an software rollout with Queensland Investment Corportation (QIC) which has been ongoing for 3 weeks. Lots of sales have been made through our computer refurbishment retail shop as well, getting computers into the hands of those who may not be able to afford computers via the regular channels. We love watching our trainees grow though the challenges of learning new things and putting those things into practice, while experiencing new social and work situations. We are proud of the way they step up. Helping people, while helping yourself is something we can really get behind here at Substation33.


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