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6 Years of Signs

It is amazing to look at how far we have come when it comes to making our Automated Flooded Road Warning System. It has been 6 years since we rolled out the first in a long series of flooded road signs across South East Queensland (and other places!). So far 240 signs have been deployed at 120 sites, which includes over 400 devices such as float switches, cameras and water level sensors. The following pictures show the evolution of our signs. Some faces have changed but the passion has not wavered. The picture in front of the blue wall is one of our first signs. Then there are pictures of some current signs, and the last few pictures show our new prototype sign which is in the final stages of production.

Tony and the flooded road crew have vision and commitment to make our roads safer during flood season. It’s fantastic to see all the hard work coming together. Well done everyone :)


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