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A typical day in the life of Subbie

  1. Sit outside Substation33 and wait for her minions (us) to arrive.

  2. Minions are here, enter their vechicles act like you own it, because you do.

  3. Consider doing some work.

  4. Sleep instead.

  5. Check emails, put them all in the recycling bin as that's what we do here at Substation33.

  6. Yikes, that was hard work. Put on glasses so no one knows I am having a nap (next time use sunnies Subbie).

  7. Okay who put this on my head while I was *working*? I am a manager you know.

  8. Back to my favorite box, someone needs to oversee the minions. But it won't be me as I am out of service.


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