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Updated: Jan 5

Hunter our IT Manager and all round great guy has scored a new job at QIC (Queensland Investment Commision).

Tony had this to say to the rest of the Substation33 crew.

With a range of mixed emotions, I write this message to you all. Nearly 4 years ago to the day, this fella hobbled into Substation33 with a broken back that also effected his mental health and self-esteem.
We have had many long deep and meaningful conversations, a couple of robust conversations and a few shouting sessions. But what I will treasure most is watching you grow Hunter - stepping up to the challenges, running teams, trading and just generally being part of the great team at Substation33.
Yesterday, Hunter was offered a new job and career progression with QIC. I hope your folks are real proud because we all are for sure. Enjoy the big end of town, but never forget from where you came and the journey that got you there.
Congratulations Mate....


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