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Happy Paws Happy Hearts visits Substation33

We recently hosted some guests from the Happy Paws Happy Hearts (HPHH) Wacol Explore Group. They visited us to learn what makes Substation33 tick. They learned about the different teams of workers/volunteers that make up Substation33, how we break down and sort e-waste, and how we refurbish old computers to give them a second chance at life. The group got to see examples of how repurposed e-waste plays a huge part in many of our bigger projects like the Automated Flooded Road Warning Systems and Solar Coffee Trailer. We love this kind of networking here at Substation33 - not only does it raise awareness of the important things we do, but it provides opportunities to those who visit us - opporunities like work experience and training placements, and of course the chance to pat Subee the Cat (so long as you can find her, Subbee usually loves a pat).

A special shout out to our wonderful staff member Emma for hosting our visitors!


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