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Every Tuesday, usually between 2 - 3 pm, we receive an OzHarvest delivery here at Substation33. We welcome anyone who is in need to come along and see what is available. It is like a lucky dip - you never know what you are going to find!

We only have 3 basic guidelines that we ask everyone to follow to make it safe and fair for all:

1) Enclosed shoes are required - you may be asked to leave the premises if you do not have proper footwear.

2) Only 1 bag or box of food per person/family.

3) When there are multiples of an item only take 1 - after everyone has what they want you can go back for another if there is any left.

We love partnering with OzHarvest in helping to fight food waste, while also helping local households who struggle to put food on the table.


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