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Substation33 joins DE students from Riverside Christian College for day of activities and learning.

Last week a team of teachers from Riverside Christian College planned a special treat for Distance Education students and families to get together for the day in Brisbane. Activities were very hands-on and based around problem solving; code cracking; learning how our ears work; a little bit of Christmas craft; and a lot of practical ways that we can recycle and reuse household electrical items.

A special team from Substation33 gave us all some insightful demonstrations about how recycled products can be transformed into new innovative products. Substation33 not only is passionate about repurposing e-waste, they also provide a workplace for over 60 staff and assist many more to find employment in mainstream or to go on to further education. Our students and parents were totally absorbed by the activities Substation33 presented on the day, and you can tell by the images that all age groups were invested and eager to participate and learn. We at Substation33 would like to thank to the wonderful students and teachers for having us.

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