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We are proud to be partners in Brisbane’s flooded road safety plans

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Substation33 has recently won a contract with Brisbane City Council to manufacture, install and monitor our Flooded Road Smart Warning Systems on roads around Brisbane that are prone to flooding. Our system minimises the risk of drivers inadvertently driving into flooded roads by using advance warning signs that only activate in flood conditions. It provides an immediate warning to road users via bright, flashing LED signs, as well as sending alerts to council via email and SMS for monitoring and maintenance purposes. We use many recycled components in our signs, and all aspects of manufacturing provide our participants with opportunities to learn new skills.

We have already deployed over 210 signs at 105 sites around Logan, Moreton, Noosa and Brisbane, and are about to spread inter-state to support road safety in country NSW.

Our flooded road sign specialists, Jackson and James, are busy now overseeing the manufacture and installation of signs around Brisbane before December. That means more flood-prone roads will be ready for flood season. If you see them out and about, give them a wave!


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