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Drop your electrical waste off at Substation33 where we will dismantle it and separate the components into parts that can be recycled, reused or repurposed, and diverted from landfill.

You will be doing the environment a favour, helping us to give people meaningful work, and helping to create innovative products.



Substation33 offers an inclusive space where people of all backgrounds can learn new skills and transition to employment.

We love helping people reach their potential and offer people the ability to grow and learn in a supportive, inclusive, and non-judgemental workplace.



Something wonderful happens when you have a shed full of deconstructed e-waste ...

People start to get amazing ideas about how to repurpose it! Substation33 has a team of technical specialists who develop and commercialise innovative products.

$100* refurbished desktop bundles. Starting at $100* refurbished laptops with Windows 10 - ideal for students. 
Student sponsorship options available. See Bridging the Digital Divide or Contact Us for more info.

Computers for Students

At Substation33 we re-cycle and re-use electronic waste, including computers, that would otherwise end up in landfill or be left to sit in your shed or corporate store room. Unfortunately, up to 80% of students in Logan may not have access to a computer at home. Substation33 provides computers to these students and their families and we are committed to bridging the digital divide in Logan and the greater Brisbane area.

Desktop PCs


If you need a computer for the family we have a variety of desktop computers to suit your requirements. Our computers come with everything you need to plug in and get working within a few minutes - monitor, keyboard, mouse, wifi dongle and all cables.

Priced from:

- suitable for primary school students.

All of our computers come with:

  • Google Chrome

  • Windows 10

  • Microsoft Office (students with an Education Qld or TAFE student email address will have free access to this)

  • Libre Office (a free alternative to Microsoft Office)

  • Minecraft Education App

  • 3 month hardware-only replacement (returned in person)

Of Note:

  • Although Windows is installed, we do not sell Microsoft license keys, thus Windows is not activated. Your use of the device is not restricted in any way, but there will be a watermark on the bottom right hand of the screen saying "you need to activate windows". If the computer is going to a student they may claim a Microsoft key from their school free of charge.

Containers for Change
We have a drop off point in the city at Uptown! Click here for details.

Substation33  + Containers for Change

In 2021 Substation33 established a partnership with Containers for Change Qld, whose mission is to eliminate drink container litter from the Queensland environment and landfill, while simultaneously creating fundraising opportunities for community groups and other not-for-profit organisations.

We have containers drop off point at the Uptown in the city

The Substation33 Blog

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