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Helping relieve burdens with e-waste

Steph, who works for our parent organisation, YFS, came to Substation33 for help with a problem. She has a client in a DV situation who is struggling to support three children with special needs. They need computers for their schooling next year to assist them in their learning, yet the cost of one laptop would be too much, let alone three!

We were happy to come up with a solution for this struggling family. We refurbish e-waste laptops to bring them back to life and extend their usefulness. Our See IT Be IT Trainees have been busy refurbishing all types of computers and were able to provide three refurbished laptops to meet the needs of the children. What a great Christmas it will be for them!

If you would like to sponsor a student to receive a refurbished computer, or if you would like to purchase one for your own use, use this link to find out more information Substation33.


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