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Isaac finishes his traineeship with a job!

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

When Isaac left high school, he knew that uni probably didn’t suit him, and he wasn’t sure how to move forward in his areas of interest to generate an income. When he found out about Substation33’s See IT Be IT Work Skills Traineeship, he decided to apply so he could gain work skills and experience and give himself a little time to figure out what he wanted to do for work.

Isaac proved himself to be reliable and a hard worker, and sailed through the traineeship taking every opportunity to engage in the work experience he was offered. While doing some work with us at John Paul College, Isaac made an impression on them and was invited to apply for an IT position they had open. He applied and he got the job!

Issaac is not the only one of our trainees who landed a job – stay tuned for more good news stories!

We have a new See IT Be IT Traineeship starting very soon, so if you want to know more about it and apply, contact us as soon as possible at or take a look at our website for more information.


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