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Updated: Apr 5

Jim Chalmers MP and Australian Federal Treasurer, did an awesome social media post about Tony and the work we do at Substation33. Tony was a recipient of the Local Ledgends Award 2024. Check out what Jim had to say below.

"Eat-Sleep-Recycle-Repeat this has been Tony Sharp’s mantra since he founded Substation33 twelve years ago. It’s a place to help long term unemployed and those from marginalised backgrounds to gain skills and transition to sustainable employment all the while reducing the amount of electronic equipment going to landfill. Tony’s vision now employs 40 staff and has seen well over 1200 volunteers come through the doors and helped 500 people transition into employment. They now turn discarded electronics into portable rechargeable battery packs and provide flood warning signs to council to just name a few projects they do. Amazing work Tony. " Jim Chalmers MP


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