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Substation33 loves collaboration!

We were recently able to help Matt*, a single dad of 6, to support his children and their schooling via a collaborative effort with Serving Our People Inc. (, a Gold Coast based charity doing amazing work to support their community.

SOP contacted Substation33 to enquire about securing 6 laptops for Matt who needed them for his children’s schooling. We were able to provide them, and SOP made sure he received them.

Teamwork for the win!

Thanks, SOP, for facilitating such a great outcome for Matt and his family, and thanks to our See IT Be IT Trainees who worked hard to refurbish hundreds of computers for students and their families ready for the 2023 school year.

If your student requires a computer for schooling, or if you would like to sponsor a student to receive a computer, please contact us on or go to our website and follow the links for more information.

*not his real name


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