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Substation33 teams up with Coreo & TasWater.

Substation33 was recently involved in a full waste audit gathering vital information about TasWater processes and overall waste output. We perform waste audits for a wide range of clients who are mindful of their ecological footprint and wish to make improvements to their processes and overall waste profile. The information we gather is vital to partners like Coreo who will be formulating action plans to help TasWater reach a zero waste to landfill outcome by creating circular processes that aim to reduce wastage and increase awareness and implement waste prevention processes.

Here is a snippet from Coreo CEO Ashleigh Morris's post on the subject:

"Last week, the Coreo team partnered with Substation33 to hit the ground running on our latest project with TasWater. We're working hand-in-hand with all of TasWater, from design and construction to operations and maintenance, to embed circular thinking into their cultural DNA. But it doesn't stop there. We're also conducting a deep dive into Tasmania's circular potential, collaborating with key government stakeholders to build momentum and advocate for increased circular maturity in the state".

Also, big thanks to Jackson and James, our staff members who did the grunt work in Tassie and represented us so well, and Roy, who did all the data entry in real time at Substation33. #Coreo #TasWater


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