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Last week our founder and manager, Tony Sharp, was recognised with a Local Legend award presented by Jim Chalmers MP. For the past decade the Local Legend award has been honouring community members who selflessly sacrifice for their local community.

Three years ago, our Substation33 cat Subee was presented with a Local Legends award for the calm demeanour and happy vibes she brings to our workplace. The boss has finally come up to her standard!

While he tried to keep the award quiet, we at Substation33 want to give a shout out to the man who has tirelessly dedicated so much of his energy and time to make Substation33 what it is today - a space where we make an important environmental impacts while helping people build connection, skills and attitudes that lead to positive outcomes for the individual, their family, and the community.

Congratulations boss!

(Neither Tony nor the cat wanted their photo taken -they are both happy to avoid the spotlight - but it was easier to wrangle Subee than it was to get Tony to stand still!)


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